dos banderas de EE.UU.

Promote trade and investment among the Hispanic community with updated information and train all our members with the current realities of the market and free enterprise. Economic growth is key to improving good social performance and, therefore, the continued health of democracy for the entire Hispanic community. Private sector economic activity, including trade and investment, is the main instrument of economic growth.


The new actions that we propose to develop aim to represent the image of the entrepreneur in society, promote economic development and develop actions to provide services, always in permanent collaboration with the Administration, without forgetting the importance of the entrepreneurial culture that. It allows greater economic activity. Likewise, we propose to emphasize the importance of keeping companies constantly informed and in constant evolution so that they can develop in the current globalized market in which they are immersed. To do this, we have worked in the field of training, as well as in external promotion and business cooperation, but without forgetting to improve communication channels with the employer. In this sense, this web page is a tool in which an important group of professionals from the Chamber of Commerce has worked to be able to offer society all the services offered by the Chamber of Commerce. In addition to a channel in which users can interact with the Chamber of Commerce. And in which I hope you can find all the necessary information, and that it serves to resolve any questions you may have, and to get even closer to the users of the Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic and Navigation of all the cities of the San Gabriel Valley